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What our industry needs
right now, is ethical instruction.

- Candice Falcon

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Restorative Courses

Camouflage tattoo is THE niche specialization that sets you apart as an artist! Apply for our advanced course & bring this service to your area to help more people heal & feel great about themselves!

    • The ONLY hybrid, comprehensive camouflage course
    • Described by students as “colour theory on another level!”
    • 1 year access to the Online curriculum in advance to practice concepts
    • Hands-on experience with models so you have actually done it 
    • Includes INKLESS STRETCHMARK REVISION (ISR) ! – Candidacy, Techniques, Supplies, Procedure & Aftercare!

If you want to stand out as an artist, increase your revenue and help more people, camo is the next frontier!

Hybrid Learning

Learning ONLY breast cancer tattoos excludes a huge clientele! Learn with over 18 case studies, demos & audio over slides! Learn 3D nipple tattoos on a flat surface, AND:

    • Nipple grafts: trans & breast surgeries
    • Natural nipple color change & adjustment
    • Adjusting size and/or shape asymmetry
    • Managing scarring in & around nipples & your tattoos
    • Corrections
    • Explantation or No Reconstruction
    • Nipple Protrusions & more!
    • Also includes our NIPPLE NUANCE detailed drawing course!

Online & Hybrid Options


“Start with the art!” Having the strong foundational skills of an artist is the most important part about nipple tattoos.

  • 7 step-by-step drawing breakdown instructional videos
  • Distance & Measuring – mapping out the proportion and form
  • Shading & Colour choice
  • Nipple anatomy, references & lighting
  • Differences between drawing & tattooing

*This mini course is included in the NIPPLES: FULL CIRCLE nipple tattoo course. If you want to learn nipples but aren’t sure if it’s for you, try this course first!

Online Learning

Beginner Courses

Forget quick courses that leave you hanging! We create customized programs for your training goals & give you the building blocks for future advanced courses!  PMU TRIO  includes machine work, business overview, eyebrows, eyeliner and lips – the principles to find confidence & success as a qualified PMU artist.

In-Person Training

Train in a detailed way to start your brow career off right! This course is more than just brows, it sets you up to start your business with everything you need! Sanitation, *how to tattoo using a machine!* hairstrokes, shading and ombre brows, business overview & client care. This education is buildable to add eyeliner and lips in the future.

In-Person Training


Make more connections with your community and beyond! How do you reach more people so they know about you and your services as a trusted professional? Learn the secrets to gaining partnerships with surgeons, other businesses, artists and influencers! Spread awareness of you, your brand & how you help your clients!

Online Course

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Meet Your Trainer: Candice Falcon

Have you taken a course before and then when you came home you felt like you couldn’t actually do it and didn’t want to harm your client?

…I’ve been there and I knew I needed to elevate this industry!

Why Is Training With Candice Different?

Candice Falcon is a lifelong artist and painter with both experience in colour theory, art, tattooing and teaching. Her experience and vast portfolio of custom results in a range of cases making her the authority in the tattoo camouflage arena. 

She works closely with plastic and reconstructive surgeons and promotes lifelong learning from related fields who can work together to help patients in all arenas. 

Her passion is to help as many people as possible by spreading the methodologies that can help others – by teaching her techniques, her desire is to elevate the industry standard and provide all of her student’s client’s satisfaction

The real question we should ask ourselves is “How many people can I help through my education as an artist?”

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